3xlogic introduces cloud storage for sensitive video

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3xlogic has launched Vigil NVR Case Management, a cloud storage solution designed for sensitive video clips. The standalone solution provides cloud storage capability to Vigil NVRs, making it easier for operators to review, share, and store video clips in a single place.

Vigil NVR Case Management is ideal for installations requiring multiple stakeholders to oversee video footage and where clips may potentially include sensitive or personal video data, for example, public venues, construction sites, retail outlets and shopping centres, and warehouses and factories. Video is stored within the cloud in a centralized video archive with no additional hardware costs.

Operators no longer have to manage the retrieval of multiple video clips from different NVRs individually and instead have one platform for video management such as setting expiration dates and updating case files. Using georedundant cloud storage, Vigil NVR Case Management ensures that sensitive videos are safe and secure on the cloud, giving added peace of mind. These watermarked videos can be retrieved years after the event has occurred, to aid with criminal investigations and more.

NVR Case Management also provides a simple interface to generate expiring, sharable links to send watermarked videos to external parties, as well as a utility to view them.

Mike Poe, Director, Product Management at 3xlogic said, “We recognise the growing demand for cloud storage capabilities in the surveillance industry and have launched our NVR Case Management solution to cater to this. There is an increasing amount of sensitive video data being collected and stored, so it is crucial that organisations invest in a secure and reliable storage solution. With its cloud storage capabilities, centralised video archive, and scalability, 3xlogic's NVR Case Management will help organisations keep up with technological advances today while futureproofing them for tomorrow.”


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