Vigitron helps address common network anomalies

San Diego, Ca

Vigitron, Inc., a leader in networking solutions for security applications, has published its Network Application Booklet, a reference guide to designed to answer common network questions and addresses applications, such as, why data packets are dropped or cameras go dark while being transmitted over a network, for example.

Networks are the critical component of any IP security system. In any network, from a home Wifi system to large wired security systems there are often several components that interact with each other. Like a chain, a network is as strong as its weakest link. Network designs must take into consideration that each piece of equipment can affect the performance of the total network.

In security systems, video streams place the most stress on the networks. This new application booklet from Vigitron focuses on security network systems and specifically on video security systems.

“Vigitron’s educational series’ goal is to educate security professionals and provide details on conditions that affect network performance and reliability,” stated Neil Heller, Vigitron’s Vice President of Business Development. “By following the recommendations, the reader can specify network solutions that minimize installation and operation problems. Preventing problems in the design stage reduces overall costs of a security system. The Vigitron application booklets are another addition to our commitment to education.”


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