Utility company simplifies security with Senstar

Ottawa, Canada

The Senstar LM100 hybrid perimeter intrusion detection and intelligent lighting system is simplifying security for a US electrical utility company.

For many years the utility company has integrated its perimeter intrusion detection and lighting systems. Recently the company has begun installing the Senstar LM100 which provides detection and lighting in one product, and saves them over $80,000 per site. The savings are a result of the reduction of electrical requirements, conduit, grounding, and associated labour, as well as the removal of certain equipment from project scope that are required for the two-system integration.

“The LM100 combines all of the functions the two systems provide and it saves us a lot of money,” said the utility company’s security administrator. “It is also simpler to integrate and has better functionality.”

The Senstar LM100’s perimeter LED-based lighting acts as an initial deterrent. If an intruder persists and an attempt to cut, climb or otherwise break through the fence is detected, the closest luminaire begins to strobe and an alert is sent via a security management system. The intruder knows immediately they have been detected and that their exact location is known by security and others in the vicinity.

“Why use two systems when the same job can be done by one,” said Senstar Product Manager Todd Brisebois. “With the combined sensing and lighting capabilities of the LM100, this is the only system that has its lighting affected by its sensing all while reducing costs related to operation, theft, vandalism and electricity usage with minimal light pollution. Above all, the LM100 provides peace of mind for those who need to protect their property and assets.”

Another key benefit the utility company is realising from the LM100 is its high colour rendering (CRI) index which maximizes camera performance, providing clear and concise images of the intrusion attempt so security personnel at the monitoring station can more effectively assess the situation and initiate an appropriate response.

According to the company, the Senstar LM100 is now installed at three of the utility company’s sites, with an additional 43 other sites planned.


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