Quanergy technology helps secure rail network tunnels

San Jose, Ca

Quanergy Solutions, Inc. was recently chosen by a large municipality in California to bolster pedestrian safety in the city's underground railways where fatality risks and costly liability issues were of growing concern.

The California city’s management had been grappling with a substantial number of missed alarms within its underground railroad system due to the intricate terrain and challenging lighting conditions. The absence of alarms when individuals trespassed onto train tracks posed a significant liability issue, endangering lives and increasing operating expenses. Traditional video surveillance systems had further proven ineffective in these environments due to inconsistent lighting and various obstructions that made it difficult to maintain a consistent field of view.

By deploying Q-track, a seamlessly integrated solution that combines long-range 3D Lidar sensors with advanced perception software, Quanergy enables accurate detection and tracking of individuals in the city’s underground railroad system, most importantly those individuals who find their way onto dangerous railroad tracks. Quanergy’s comprehensive solution also effectively eliminates alarm fatigue by significantly reducing false alarms. This enables operators to focus on real threats and receive actionable insights with hyper-accuracy, ensuring that no urgent alarms are missed, averting possible injuries or even fatalities.

According to Quanergy, the city now reports that they have 100% accurate detection when pedestrians are on train tracks.

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