NLP Logix implements 3xlogic

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Logix automates such things as interpreting imagery.

NLP Logix has deployed 3xlogic integrated video and access control at their Jacksonville, Florida, headquarters. Bates Security, with offices in Lexington and Jacksonville, specified the system and completed the installation.

NLP Logix automates repetitive tasks currently being done by humans. Using its suite of algorithms, and proprietary technology, NLP Logix automates such things as interpreting imagery, matching candiates to job requirements, extracting text from documents, or as CEO Ted Willich said, “We do AI, we teach machines to do things humans do.”

NLP Logix occupies half of the first floor of a multi-tenant office building. During the most recent hurricane (Irma), Willich, his wife, and some employees sheltered at their offices. They became aware of possible looters around their building. “We couldn’t see the front door, the hallway leading to our door, or our own entrance from where we were. We didn’t have the visibility we needed to feel better about our situation.”

In the Fall of 2017, NLP Logix won a number of major new contracts and they are ramping up staff. “Providing excellent security for our employees is very important, and we wanted to achieve greater peace of mind overall about our security.” Relying on Bates Security’s expertise and recommendations, NLP’s new system includes four 3xlogic cameras covering three points of entry into the offices and one camera that covers the main entrance to the building. Bates’ lead commercial consultant, Scott Green, designed the system to accomplish the goals clearly laid out by his client. “We now have total visibility,” commented Willich. All senior staff have installed the 3xlogic mobile app that enables them to pull up camera views on their phone, as well as through the web application on laptops or other devices. For access control, all employees have a key fob, but system management functions such as remotely locking or unlocking doors can only be done by senior staff.

After a little over one month of operation, Willich reported that “it’s working extremely well, we can see all our offices, and we feel much more secure. Plus, we have accountability as to who is coming and going at all times. This is a significant upgrade from our previous system, the video images have great resolution, I’m definitely impressed with the quality. The video streams in lower resolution to keep network demands low, but with one click, you can get the higher resolution. We can do playback of events and when people access the system. I’m looking at myself right now coming to work this morning.”

“We are changing the rules of the game for video and access control for the SMB market with our integrated, hosted video and access control solution,” said Matt Kushner, 3xlogic CEO. “We have achieved the most powerful commercial feature set at a price that fits the budget for even the smallest business owners and also for growing companies like NLP Logix.”

Willich reported that after their new integrated system was installed, one of their fellow tenant companies was so impressed, he asked Willich for contact information for Bates Security. “He’s looking into getting the same system for their offices."


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