Iris ID expands further into Fortune 100 companies

Cranbury, NJ

Iris ID, a global leader in iris recognition technology for 25 years, is continuing to experience success in establishing partnerships with numerous Fortune 100 companies.

Leveraging its cutting-edge iris recognition technology, Iris ID has, according to the company, emerged as the preferred choice for enhancing security measures using the highest form of biometric identity authentication and verification to best safeguard the integrity of critical operations at leading organisations.

"We are thrilled to be the trusted partner of numerous Fortune 100 companies,” said Mohammed Murad, Vice President, Iris ID. “By utilising our preeminent iris recognition biometric solutions, these leading organisations benefit from the extreme identity verification and authentication accuracy that are in demand to address unique security challenges. These installations underscore the confidence that major corporations have placed in our expertise and technological capabilities.”

Iris ID has reported remarkable adoption frequency amongst the world’s top revenue generating companies, including the world’s most admired technology companies, the biggest global banks, a leading aerospace manufacturer, a widely-known e-commerce giant, many nuclear powerplants and more. With its advanced hardware and software solutions, Iris ID empowers these organizations to fortify access control, protect sensitive data, and streamline staffing and workforce management processes.

Iris ID's proprietary iris recognition technology offers accuracy, speed, and scalability, making it an ideal choice for organisations of any size. By leveraging the unique characteristics of the human iris, Iris ID solutions provide a reliable and frictionless means of identification, surpassing traditional methods such as PINs, passwords, and access cards.

In addition to being a key provider of biometric solutions amongst today’s leading market influencers, the Irisaccess platform, now in its seventh generation, allows Iris ID to lay claim to the title of the world’s most deployed iris recognition platform. More people in more places authenticate identities with Irisaccess than with all other iris recognition products combined.


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