Invicti Accelerate programme sees double digit growth

Austin, Tx

Invicti has launched its inaugural 2023 Channel Partner Awards for valued partners in North America, EMEA, and APAC regions. These global awards have been introduced to recognise Invicti’s top-performing channel partners and highlight the immense work done to cultivate a partner programme that delivers best-in-class service for Invicti’s customers.

The awards come on the tailwind of Invicti’s refreshed Accelerate Partner Program, which was expanded with a new Elite tier to reward the highest-performing partners. According to the company, the Accelerate Partner Program experienced double-digit growth in 2023 with channel-driven activities enabling 44% year-over-year growth in Q4. These inaugural awards recognise the hard work from partners in 2023 and set a standard of excellence for the procurement and delivery of Invicti’s industry-leading, reliable, and accurate solutions. 

“The success of our customers is always top priority at Invicti, and with our dedicated global partners, we can deliver exponential value through the Accelerate programme,” said Alvaro Warden, Director of Global Channels and Partnerships at Invicti. “Our Accelerate Partner Program grew 18% year-over-year (YoY) globally and realised up to 60% growth in the regions of North America as well as the Middle East and Africa. Due to the increased channel growth, we added a new Elite tier and have set the stage for the level of excellence we’re aiming for in 2024 and beyond.”

Award winners for the 2023 Partner Awards contribute to Invicti’s growth and to the growth of the Accelerate Partner Program through outstanding revenue achievements and continuous commitment to providing exceptional value for customers.

“We greatly value our partners for what they bring to Invicti’s business success and want to congratulate each partner organisation that won an award for 2023,” said Monicka Mann, Director of Global Channel & Field Marketing at Invicti. “Helping prospects and customers navigate the often tumultuous world of cyber security with the right guidance and solutions is crucial, and we’ve seen immense success in building strong and lasting relationships with those customers through our Accelerate Partner Program.”


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