Indigovision keeps party-goers safe at Miami music festival

Miami, Fl (USA)

Looking for a solution that aligned with their Security Operational Plan, it became clear to the organisers of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida, that situational awareness across all critical entry points was needed to quickly identify problems and enable resources to be directed when needed.

Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida is one of the largest Electronic Dance Music festivals in the world. The three day event showcases 218 of the biggest names in the industry with over 165,000 attendees from more than sixty different countries worldwide.

As with all major event’s, providing a safe and secure event is of the utmost importance to the Ultra Music Festival event producers. Multiple security issues facing the Ultra Music Festival include crowd management, and efficient and effective entry screening for all attendees and guests.

A combination of Indigovision’s BX500 HD PTZ and Ultra 2K fixed dome cameras across the entry points were installed, with recording and playback through an NVR AS-3000 in the onsite Command Center. All viewed and managed through Indigovision’s Control Center Security Management Software and controlled by Indigovision’s Surveillance Keyboard. With the entire event recorded, operator’s praised the ease of use of Control Center and quick powerful reviewing features such as loop playback and thumbnails.

Since the implementation of the solution in 2016 and coupled with new rules regarding items that attendees can bring into the event, there has been a considerable decrease in arrests year on year, with almost a 50% reduction in arrests at the 2017 event.

“The safety of our patrons, crew, artists and our local citizenry has always been our primary focus.  Indigovision’s solution has provided the Ultra Music Festival’s Command Center the ability to view the entry points and determine problems quickly, enabling resources to be directed when needed.

There is no question, that we possess the know-how, resources and most importantly, an absolute commitment in responsibly producing the greatest music festival in the world which is hosted annually by beautiful downtown Miami”, stated Ray Martinez Ultra Music Festival’s Chief of Security.

The solution provided gave Ultra Music Festival’s security the ability to link video capabilities with their Security Operational Plan, resulting in improved situational awareness and their safest event yet.


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