Hikvision solution aims to help firearms dealers comply with new regs

City of Industry, Ca

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Hikvision is helping California-based firearm dealers to comply with the California law (SB-1384) that is effective January 1, 2024. Hikvision solutions offer to combine the highest levels of performance and value to comply with the new requirements. From large storage capacity network video recorders (NVRs) with high capacity RAID backup recording to video security cameras with built-in audio, Hikvision technology meets these stringent compliance mandates at highly competitive price points.

“Firearm dealers must act fast to comply with the new California law by January 1. Hikvision’s lineup of NVRs and built-in audio cameras deliver the perfect solution easily and effectively at an affordable price,” said John Xiao, Vice President of Marketing, Hikvision USA. “Our extensive network of in-state integrators is ready to support a quick turnaround of video security systems to ensure no firearm dealer needs to risk having their license revoked for non-compliance.”

This law implements new video and audio surveillance requirements for firearms dealers based in California such as a requirement to maintain one year of video and audio recordings; continuous 24-hour surveillance; and video security is required for all interior entries and exits, all firearm display locations, and all points of sale.

Firearms dealers can easily comply using Hikvision systems, including security cameras with a built-in microphone, NVR storage, and biometrics readers for access control. Hikvision has NVRs with a large storage capacity and RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drives/Disks) to ensure surveillance footage isn't lost if a hard drive fails. Using the M series NVRs for secondary storage, dealers can record all cameras’ sub-streams for up to 1-year. The NVR features high storage capacity with up to 14TB per HDD and supports RAID 0,1,5,6, and 10 without any bandwidth drop.

Hikvision offers several cameras that feature built-in microphones and additionally, touch-free biometrics readers use facial authentication for access control and can boost security. This functionality is not required by the new law but can be helpful for firearm retailers. Hikvision has several readers, including the Pro Face Access Biometrics Reader DS-K1T671M and the Value Series Face Access Biometrics Reader DS-K1T342DWX. The Hikvision 4 MP Deepinview dome camera also has deep learning functionality for multi-target-type detection with simultaneous detection of humans, vehicles, and faces.

Hikvision Deepinview cameras are designed to provide a competitive edge with powerful AI facial authentication, and attribute search among other capabilities.  They offer to identify shoplifters and repeat offenders quickly and are able to attribute search video for more efficient identifications.


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