Genetec teams up with Rideamigos on commuter technology

Montreal, Canada

Genetec has teamed with commute management solutions provider Rideamigos to help organisations deliver a simplified and enhanced experience to commuters returning to offices post pandemic. The solution pairs Rideamigos Commute Hub with Genetec Autovu Free-Flow and Genetec Curb Sense.

Rideamigos Commute Hub helps employers deliver a seamless experience no matter how their employees choose to get to the office. It enables commuters to identify their best transportation options and reserve a guaranteed parking space based on their needs, such as accessible parking, eliminating the need to circle lots in search of a space, and alleviating some of the stress of getting to work.

Space availability is guaranteed via automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) cameras. The pairing of RideAmigos’ Commute Hub with Genetec AutoVu Free-Flow and Genetec Curb Sense gives parking officials full insight into parking demand and facility status, so they can ensure parking conditions are optimal. The solution also enables employees to choose from many transportation options such as mass transit, shuttles, carpooling, and active choices like biking to work, so they select the commute that is the most beneficial and enjoyable on any given day.

“Leaders at large organizations realize that commuting options are a critical part of the overall employee experience, particularly as people transition back to offices after being fully remote,” said Genetec Product Line Manager, AutoVu, Michael Bradner. “Streamlining the commuter experience can help boost employee satisfaction and productivity. Our goal with this joint solution is to help organizations optimize accessibility and use of parking spaces and provide or subsidize alternative transportation services to reduce the burden on employees.”

“Employers are more conscious than ever of the commute experience and they’re looking for ways to support and incentivize employees as they navigate a transition to hybrid or in-person work arrangements,” said Kathryn Hagerman Medina, RideAmigos Director of Customer Success and Marketing. “RideAmigos is pleased to partner with Genetec to make on-campus parking simple to use and manage as part of the comprehensive commute support and sustainability programs employers are running with Commute Hub.”

Using Curb Sense and Free-Flow, parking managers can instantly see and respond if a vehicle is found in a space that has not been reserved, or if an unauthorized vehicle is in a parking lot. Using an ALPR-equipped vehicle to scan parked cars and relay the details to appropriate security officials helps minimize any disruption and enhances safety. If a car is parked incorrectly in a reserved space, the security and workplace teams can review the evidence package and determine appropriate action, including issuing in-app reminders to employees about parking guidelines. This digital process increases efficiency and improves the parking experience over traditional enforcement methods along with providing a paperless and green enforcement option.

Over time, employers using this solution will gain actionable insights into parking trends on different days of the week as office attendance patterns continue to evolve. It can also empower organizations to effectively optimize demand. By offering increased incentives to use alternative transportation on high-demand days or adjusting the size and location of dedicated parking zones, organizations can use parking resources more efficiently. They can also measure the impact of these programs on reducing emissions and meeting sustainability benchmarks.


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