Farpointe data assures continuous supply through Covid

San Jose, Ca

Farpointe Data, an access control industry's OEM for RFID credentials and readers, has reassured its clients that since all its products and their subcomponents are shipped fully consolidated to customers from the company’s headquarters location in the United States, they are not currently facing any lead-time restrictions on any standard items.  This includes the growing family of Conekt mobile readers and credentials, as well as proximity, contactless smartcard and long-range product solutions.

"Some electronic access control manufacturers have been forced to warn their customers that certain models are presently unavailable due to a lack of semiconductors or other subcomponents not being delivered to them because of production problems in Asia or other Covid related troubles," advises Scott Lindley, general manager of Farpointe Data.

"To bolster our claim that all our products are being made available in a timely fashion, we are producing an email sent every week listing the lead-times of all our products. As of last week, our longest lead-time on any product was seven days. The mode is currently four working days."

Lindley also emphasises that the proximity, smart card and mobile readers are also fully encased with epoxy potting and SIA Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) Verified.


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