Dallmeier focuses on casino security in Vegas

Las Vegas, Nv and Regensburg, Germany

This week German video technology manufacturer Dallmeier has been presenting its solutions for casinos at the WGPC 2023 (World Game Protection Conference) in Las Vegas from March 7th – 9th, 2023. Highlights included the modular Domera camera system and the Panomera high-performance, high-resolution 360° “multi-imager”. Dallmeier cameras simplify casino gaming floor surveillance with features such as remote adjustment of camera views or unique 360° overviews and “virtual PTZs” for significantly improved situational awareness.

Surveillance Managers: quickly adjust cameras to new table layouts

When casinos change the layout of their gaming tables, such as for a holiday, or completely rearrange the tables, it is often time-consuming to adjust the installed surveillance cameras: Standing on a ladder or a forklift, technicians must reposition the cameras to get the desired view. With Dallmeier's Domera cameras this is a thing of the past: The integrated Dallmeier Rpod (Remote Positioning Dome) enables remote controlled fine adjustment of the lens in three axes. This allows casinos to easily install the cameras and quickly and easily adjust the recorded scene from any location if requirements change. In addition to up to 4K resolution, the cameras offer other exciting features such as WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) for optimal recording of scenes with very bright and very dark areas, and exposure presets for casinos.

Finding the bad guy much faster with fewer cameras

Dallmeier will also demonstrate new features of its Hemisphere Semsy video management system and the Panomera W 180° and 360° panoramic cameras. With these innovative camera systems, surveillance managers can monitor large indoor casino areas with a much smaller number of cameras and seamlessly track persons of interest in much less time. This is possible due to the unique combination of a large, 180° or 360° panoramic overview and theoretically unlimited "virtual PTZs" which allow for a much more convenient and efficient tracking of details than traditional gaming floor PTZs. Casino customers report that the time to resolve typical gaming floor incidents has been reduced by over 80 %.

Gaming Managers: Make informed decisions with AI people counting

“Not only can casinos easily and quickly reposition our Domera cameras when, for example, they rearrange their gaming tables,” says Joe McDevitt, President, Dallmeier electronic USA Inc. “Advanced video analytics – whether in the camera itself or via third-party analytics tools – enable applications such as AI people counting on the gaming floor. This gives gaming managers the ability to increase both safety and efficiency, for example by opening more gaming tables if there are too many people in an area, or closing tables if the occupancy of individual tables is not ideal. With our Panomera W8 camera solutions, surveillance managers are simply revolutionising gaming floor surveillance.”


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