Dakota Carrier Network selects Corero for DDoS defence

London, UK and Fargo, ND

Corero Network Security, headquartered in London, UK, has agreed a partnership with Dakota Carrier Network (DCN), North Dakota’s largest fibre optic network, in which Corero Network Security will deliver DDoS protection services across its network, both protecting customers from attacks, as well as offering an incremental revenue generating DDoS protection as-a-service to its customers.

DCN recognised that with the ever-increasing sophistication and frequency of DDoS attacks, having a reliable network security in place to protect against them is critical. As well as attacks on their own network, maintaining excellent service availability for their downstream customers is vital. DCN provides critical network services to over 85 percent of all the exchanges in North Dakota including both state and local governments as well as commercial businesses, such as banks and energy companies.

“DDoS attacks can wreak havoc in a matter of seconds; by implementing Corero’s Smartwall DDoS solution, our customers are protected.” commented Jesse Heck, Director of Operations at Dakota Carrier Network.

A key aspect of the Corero solution for DCN is the web application portal for their DDoS protection as-a-service offering, which enables them to onboard tenant customers, define and assign DDoS protection service levels and for DCN customers to view attack dashboards.

“Thanks to the Corero solution, our customers have the option to access their own DDoS portal for history and details about attack mitigation, including source and destination IPs, source and destination TCP/UDP ports, and attack volume. They can see for themselves where an attack has been mitigated and see the value of the protection they receive” continued Jesse Heck.

Ashley Stephenson, CTO at Corero Network Security said, “We’re delighted to be working with DCN to support their goals of superior customer service and reducing the risk of downtime caused by DDoS attacks. We’re proud to be a partner in their dedication to providing secure communications infrastructure in the face of evolving attacks.”


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