Boon Edam Security Xchange

Park City, Ut

Boon Edam once again participated at the annual Securityxchange (SX) summit in Park City earlier this week. In addition to its years of active involvement as a solutions provider, Boon Edam further established its commitment to the Securityxchange programme through its representation on the advisory board by the company's Sr. Vice President of Sales, Greg Schreiber. Joining him at the event were Patrick Nora, President and Managing Director, Boon Edam, and Kurt Measom, Vice President of Technology, Boon Edam.

“We are very proud to now be in our second decade with the Securityxchange programme," said Greg Schreiber, Sr. Vice President of Sales, Boon Edam. “The personalised nature of this gathering fosters an atmosphere of collaboration, leading to the generation of innovative ideas and enhanced relationships. Boon Edam is committed to supporting SX in its mission to provide a valuable platform for senior security leaders to connect and forge enduring partnerships."

Securityxchange is a cornerstone of security collaboration for those involved, facilitating one-on-one meetings between top end users/integrators and solution providers for mutually beneficial discussions in a personalised and confidential setting.

Since its inception, Boon Edam has recognized the value that Securityxchange brings to the security industry, facilitating meaningful conversations and fostering valuable relationships between industry stakeholders. As an active participant, Boon Edam has consistently leveraged this opportunity to showcase its secured entry solutions, share insights on industry trends, and engage in forward-thinking discussions with key decision-makers.

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