Boon Edam focuses on entrance control best practices

Lillington, NC

Brad Whaley and Zac Ellett to play hosts

Boon Edam will be presenting a live webinar entitled, "Securing the Facility: Best Practices for Integrating Access Control & Biometrics with Security Entrances," at the Virtual Security Showcase (VSS), due to be held from November 10-12. VSS is a virtual event created to establish and maintain connections among security industry professionals while promoting the latest and best ideas about how to keep people, facilities and organisations safe and secure.

Boon Edam's 40-minute webinar will hosted by two Enterprise Technology Specialists, Brad Whaley and Zac Ellett, who each have over 25 years of technical expertise. Both have been heavily involved with installing security entrances, running installation training programmes for integrators, and helping national and global companies specify and install advanced entry solutions integrated with credential readers, biometric devices, access control systems and more.

Brad and Zac kick off the webinar by explaining that most access control systems are designed to track events that occur at swinging doors, not security entrances. This limitation and the working principle of swinging doors makes it impossible to know for sure who is in your building, leaving an organisation vulnerable to risk and liability, such as crime, violence, regulatory fines, loss of productivity, litigation, etc.

Security entrances are designed to mitigate unauthorised intrusion from tailgating, and when they are integrated with an access control system, can offer much more in terms of metrics on the events that occur at the entry. Many integrators do not know how to integrate security entrances to achieve these results. The webinar provides all the possible events that can be tracked for each type of security entrance and Brad and Zac share a few case studies about improper integration and the impact it had on the end user. When done right, metrics can help to identify patterns for investigation and action. For instance, if some entrances are experiencing high levels of tailgating attempt alarms or invalid credential alarms, security teams can train staff on the proper use of a turnstile. Cameras can also be turned on when the access control system receives a tailgating event alarm.

Brad and Zac conclude the webinar by discussing common integration techniques. They share the many ways that credential and biometric readers can be mounted. They also talk about some mistakes they have seen in the field in terms of integration, including incorrect device placement, and also devices that authenticate a person too quickly or from too far away.


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