Barrier Systems bollards crash rated for gas stations

Greensboro, NC

Barrier1 Systems is upgrading safety and security standards for gas stations and c-stores with crash-rated security bollards that prevent vehicle ramming accidents. These innovative security solutions are proven to protect customers from bodily harm while also shielding business owners from the costly liabilities associated with storefront crashes.

“Barrier1 Systems’ vehicle barrier systems create a safer environment for convenience stores and gas stations,” said Mark Borto, President, Barrier1. “Our high-security bollards are crash-tested and rated to withstand the impact of vehicle collisions, ensuring better protection of people, assets, and infrastructure, and mitigating risk, liability, and insurance cost increases.”

According to the Storefront Safety Council, storefront crashes occur more than 100 times each day across America, resulting in as many as 16,000 injuries and 2600 deaths annually. When placed at the front of a c-store or gas station, Barrier1 Systems’ crash-rated bollards act as reliable guardians, providing virtually unstoppable protection against accidental and intentional storefront crashes. Barrier1 System bollards are also ideal for alternative areas surrounding convenience stores and gas stations where traffic control and additional asset protection is required.

Barrier1 Systems’ high-security bollards undergo rigorous crash testing and meet the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Barrier1 Systems bollards carry both F3016 and F2656 ASTM ratings of P20, P30, M30, and M50. Barrier1’s M50 rated bollard, the strongest rating a vehicle barrier can receive, is capable of stopping a 15,000-pound truck traveling at 50 mph. It is essential to install ASTM-tested and rated bollards to adequately protect convenience stores, as failure to do so can leave a business vulnerable and exposed to significant liability risks.


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