Avigilon Alta helps enhance operations at Super Dry

Chicago, Il

Superdry has recently adopted the Avigilon Alta video security solutions to enhance store security, improve store operations and gain valuable insights that help drive business decisions.  And, according to the company, with Avigilon’s enhanced video image quality, smart analytics and seamless and remote third-party integration, Superdry has achieved wider coverage and lower operational costs.

Minimizing risks associated with high-volume foot traffic at their stores — such as theft, accidents and antisocial behavior — became Superdry’s top priority. To achieve this, they needed to replace their ineffective video security system and unify their security operations. In addition, the team wanted to streamline their fulfillment and retail operations by accurately recording out-of-hours deliveries and improving their internal processes, particularly when conducting procedural training.

Proactive video security

Superdry installed the Avigilon Alta solution to enhance store security, reduce theft and detect threats across their sites. In addition the Avigilon Ava cameras offer sharp image quality, which has provided several benefits to their security team, including enhanced situational awareness.

Smart video analytics

The Avigilon Alta system offers video search, audio detection and heat-mapping features, which have improved the ability of the security team to prosecute thieves.  Helping to enhance store operations, the Avigilon Alta video security system’s alert function is very helpful, as it records deliveries and allows employees to track their fulfillment goals.

Safer stores

Following the installation of their Avigilon Alta solution, Superdry’s stores have become safer for customers and employees alike. Advanced video analytics have also streamlined the fulfillment process.

“Avigilon Alta has exceeded our expectations, and we’re very happy. The image quality is fantastic, and Avigilon support has been great when we have questions.” confirmed Richard Smith, Profit Protection Manager at Superdry.

Now, as the company continues to grow and cement its position in the fashion and retail industry, Superdry can focus on its goal of becoming the number one sustainable style destination and lifestyle brand with the confidence of knowing that its people, property and customers are safe and secure.


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