Adriatic coastal resort enhances public security with Panomera

Jesolo, Italy and Regensburg, Germany

Image courtesy of Dallmeier

Jesolo is a popular holiday resort on the Italian Adriatic coast. To ensure security for locals and tourists on the busy beach and in public places, Panomera multifocal sensor cameras from Dallmeier are in use.

Jesolo  a coastal town of about 26,000 inhabitants in the Adriatic and more than five million tourists a yea, sees a large increase in the number of visitors during the summer months requires a great deal of organisation from all parties involved, also regarding the safety and security of residents and tourists. In summer, Jesolo’s nightlife pulsates, and unfortunately, the risk of accidents and crime increases.

Video technology for public security

The city has made considerable efforts in recent years to improve its security infrastructure to create a safe environment for its residents and visitors – and video technology is an important aspect of this.

The challenge has been to monitor large public areas with as few cameras as possible, while maintaining high standards of image quality and ease of use. Conventional standard cameras were not able to meet these requirements. The security managers therefore decided to look for a new solution and found it in the Panomera multifocal sensor cameras from German manufacturer Dallmeier.

Fewer cameras, higher quality

Panomera’s patented camera technology has a number of features that make it unique in the industry.

Multiple modules resp. sensors of different focal lengths are combined into a single system. Each module can be individually focused to capture a specific area of the overall image. As a result, multifocal sensor technology enables the simultaneous monitoring of large areas with high detail and exceptionally high resolution. In this way, Panomera achieves an overall resolution over the object space that far exceeds that of conventional single-sensor cameras.

Any number of “virtual” PTZs

Another advantage is that unlike PTZ cameras, which are limited to a specific area, the Panomera camera provides a comprehensive and detailed image of the entire surveillance zone – no matter where the security operator is focusing, there are theoretically any number of PTZ systems virtually available. For the operator in live mode, as well as for the forensic expert in recording mode.

Multifocal sensor technology provides an optimal overview of the entire event and enables comprehensive monitoring in real time. This allows security personnel to respond quickly to potential threats. If an incident does occur, the recorded video footage can be used to solve crimes and as evidence in court.

A safe environment

Dallmeier video technology has been used in Jesolo since 2019. The city’s security managers were so satisfied with the system’s performance that they decided to extend it a few years later. Now, Panomera cameras keep an eye on the main squares, streets, and sections of the beach.

“The Panomera cameras make a significant contribution to improving public safety. Especially during the night hours, inappropriate behaviour, and crimes such as vandalism or violence can occur. Thanks to video surveillance, suspicious activities can be quickly detected, and appropriate measures can be taken to prevent crimes or identify the perpetrators,” says Daniele Sisinio, Director Dallmeier Italia. And of course, video surveillance also serves as a preventive measure: the presence of cameras deters potential criminals and creates a safer environment.

“Panomera offers a unique combination of high resolution, optimal overview and intuitive operation,” explains Claudio Vanin, Local Police Commander. “The level of detail is simply amazing! And even in difficult conditions, like here near the sea, the cameras are robust and durable.”


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