Accelerating digitisation through disruptive cloud technology

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In the race towards digital transformation, businesses are increasingly turning to the cloud to foster agility, maximize digital resilience, augment customer service management, and increase productivity. Now, according to experts at research company, Frost & Sullivan, spurred by developments in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), quantum computing, and 5G, public cloud providers are poised to hasten the pace of AI adoption among enterprise customers, while facilitating hyper-automation.

However, the analysts suggest that in order to succeed, these companies must first address enterprise challenges in executing their digital transformation, including insufficient expertise, increasing budget constraints, and uncertain return on investment (ROI). This is intensifying the pressure on providers to deliver innovative and cost-effective foundational models, user-friendly toolsets, integrated platforms, and sophisticated edge-to-cloud configurations that facilitate hybrid- and multi-cloud workloads.

Teams need to have the right set of frameworks to capitalise on the benefits of innovative cloud models, and corporate growth strategists will need to know how to leverage new technologies to mitigate the complexities of cloud deployment, orchestration, and app modernisation.

As the ICT industry evolves, the research finds that business models are shifting towards end-to-end managed services, driving the demand for holistic solutions that combine cloud, network, and security functionality under service level agreements. Since such solutions involve multiple technology/service suppliers across the enterprise tech stack, hyperscale infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers are being challenged to develop lucrative partner programs, that benefit all parties of the cloud ecosystem.

Facilitating digital transformation

Some leading providers are putting future-proof cloud strategies into action. These so called, pioneers in cloud solutions and services are driving growth and innovation to meet evolving customer demands. Frost & Sullivan maintains that these companies play a crucial role in simplifying cloud orchestration and cyber security management, empowering organisations to optimise business processes and harness disruptive technologies. Leveraging systematic portfolio expansions, strategic innovation, and calculated growth strategies, they offer to deliver easy, efficient, and consistent management of diverse digital/physical infrastructure. 

Companies to Action

In the face of disruptive technologies and shifting business paradigms, being recognised as a “Companies to Action” marks a significant achievement, highlighting their ability to navigate complex landscapes and seize new opportunities with resilience and foresight.  These businesses include names such as, Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Vmware, Corestack, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Palo Alto Networks, Crowdstrike and Zoho, amongst others.


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