3xlogic and partners win innovative project award

Westminster, Co

Bates Security’s Frederick Douglass HS Project Manager Sean Moberly.

Sonitrol of Lexington and Bates Security have partnered with 3xlogic recently on an award winning project, noted for its high degree of innovation.

In Summer 2017, Sonitrol of Lexington and Bates Security completed what 3xlogix considers to be one of their most innovative installations. The project includes verified audio detection, verified video, and an advanced access control system. Frederick Douglass High School is 350,000+ sq. ft. with over 90 staff. The video surveillance system has 192 3xlogic HD and IP camera models with analytic software for verification and network health monitoring.

The installation features verified audio detection operating in conjunction with the verified video system. Upon receiving an audio detection alarm at the central station, the operator also receives video footage for every camera connected to that alarm point, ensuring double verification before alerting police dispatch. A unique service Sonitrol of Lexington provides is 3xlogic’s health-check monitoring software. Before the client is even aware, Sonitrol can detect and repair camera failure, server and hard drive issues without even going on site.

The system eliminates troublesome, costly false alarms with its two points of verification. The entire system can be conveniently managed by any device with internet access or via the 3xlogic mobile app. 


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