Joe Grillo stresses that the physical security industry should be concerned about cyber security. "I think there is a greater trend for all manufacturers, for testing the products regularly to make sure that they are hardened and not able to be easily hacked, because of the stories over the past years, where security equipment and other types of building automation equipment has been used to gain access to a company’s network", he says.

Dahua’s Marketing Manager for Overseas Business, Jiaqi Gao, says all parts of the chain are important: "From the end user, to the installers and manufacturers, every link has its significance in cyber security."

Axis co-founder Martin Gren says cyber security can be a great opportunity for the industry, if it is just taken seriously and end customers understand the danger.

"It is very important that you read your hardening guide, that you put in place the right hardening, so no open ports, use good, safe passwords, and if the devices are exposed, you should have additional authentication. It can be cumbersome sometimes but it gives you the same security as you have on your corporate network", he says.