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Josefina Pan Pacific Limited
7F-6, NO.12 Fuxing 4th Road
Chien Chen
Tel: +886-7-5372565

About the company

JPP started the business in the automotive safety industry since 1997, who is professional in design and RV system integrator with Taiwan & China manufacturers for the required customer OEM/ODM projects.

Our product contains LCD monitor, vehicle cameras, wireless video systems, MDVR, truck parking sensor system, AI active ADAS/DMS/BSD system, AVM system, endoscope, accessories, etc. They are suitable for vehicles of any types, ranging from sedan, automobiles, agricultural trucks, excavators, rigid trucks, road sweepers, road rollers, delivery vans to construction vans. JPP serves in more than 30 countries all over the world, in different industries and sizes like automobile industry, endoscope modules for industrial & medical convert applications; cctv surveillance. We have built a reputation as a strong partner in our work with leading suppliers in Europe, USA, Latin America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

We’re a comprehensive supplied chain partner who is more than the role of manufacturer, provide not only the right solution per customer need but also the great service all the time.

Product Categories

Security Systems
Digital voice recorder
Wireless Products
Safety and Security
Surveillance Systems
Video surveillance
Number Plate Recognition
Digital video storage
Intelligent Video Servers
Video Surveillance
Digital Surveillance Solutions
Intelligent Camera and System
Digital Video Recorder
Intelligent Video Appliances


Truck parking sensor system, 77GHz microwave radar sensor system

To provide front/rear/lateral sensor with customized software for blind spot detection and on-screen display.

AI Active ADAS/BSD/DMS safety system for vehicle

Advanced driving assistance system available in driver’s inappropriate behavior, vehicle collision warning, pedestrian detection to prevent accident events.

360° AVM system

A 360 degree video system equipped with 4 extremely wide view angle camera to check surrounding of vehicle.

CVBS / AHD / HD / LVDS rear view cameras

Available in different signal format for automobile and cctv industry.

Automotive monitor, waterproof IP 69K monitor

Wide range monitors for indoor / outdoor application in automobile, CCTV, heavy duty equipment industry.


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