JPP widens portfolio for off-road vehicles

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

At the beginning of 2023, JPP has successfully expanded the company's product lines with a new series of video solutions that are specifically designed for automotive off-highway vehicle applications. These automotive off-road vehicles include many types of engineering trucks often used in the construction and agricultural industries, for example.  The new product lines are rugged products with AI optimisation technology.

The new series of products from JPP are the LVDS cameras, BSIS integrated 77GHz radar built-in wit a 12.3-inch e-mirror, and added-value items, such as truck parking sensor and a 7-inch AHD monitor on-screen display kit.

With 25 years of experience, JPP has become an expert in the field of automobile safety, providing comprehensive video solutions with auxiliary products, that offer good quality, punctual delivery, and high-level customer service for the demands and use of all types of vehicle.

It is the core value and business goal of the company to protect human safety with quality products which are backed by R&D employing cutting-edge technologies, combined with good service to satisfy their customers and secure their business in providing driver comfort and safety whilst on the move.


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