Ksenia on sustainability and respecting the planet

Ripatransone, Italy

Image courtesy of Ksenia

The idea of shifting towards a sustainable lifestyle has never been more important, but this radical change neeeds a collective commitment that should involve citizens, companies, and governments, with the primary goal of limiting environmental degradation, thus also opening the way for new economic, employment and social opportunities.  Here, the team at Ksenia explain how as a company they are committed to this goal, respecting the planet, and leaving a healthier and more prosperous world for future generations.

Ksenia stresses that it is necessary to implement new technologies, renewable energies and eco-friendly production processes that reduce the overall ecological footprint. In addition, it is necessary to raise awareness and educate the population to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Ksenia Security places sustainability at the heart of every industrial process: all operational phases, from design to production and assembly, are environmentally friendly, with the primary objective of avoiding waste.

In line with the company's sustainable approach, great care is taken in the choice of materials related to printed circuits that must be chrome-free, as well as the packaging of products, made from recycled fibres and 100% plastic free.

Another sustainable choice concerns the selection of local suppliers, in order to shorten the supply chain and save in terms of CO2, without compromising on the aesthetics and efficiency of highly innovative products.

The zero-waste vision has also been adopted in the company's offices, where the activation of lights and heating/cooling systems is programmed through the home automation scenarios of the Ksenia Security system.


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