World's first open & standardised OS for surveillance cameras

Munich, Germany

Security and Safety Things GmbH recently previewed their open IoT platform for video surveillance cameras in Chicago in preparation for the worldwide launch early next year. Security and Safety Things is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH and is part of Bosch’s strategic development of new digital growth markets.

The Security and Safety Things OS, the world’s first open and standardized operating system for surveillance cameras, has a growing list of manufacturer partners who have adopted the OS for use in their cameras and more than 15 partner software developers who have produced some 40 apps ready to be sold in the app store.

“We are very excited by our rapidly growing ecosystem of partner developers that include Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services with their innovative AI applications, which range from real-time edge analytics to deep learning,” said Hartmut Schaper, CEO of Security and Safety Things. “Along with the great diversity of apps already in our marketplace, at GSX we also demonstrated several prototype cameras using our operating system from various camera manufacturer partners.”

An innovative airport-themed booth at GSX illustrated video analytics use cases in three core areas of an airport: The terminal, the boarding gate and the duty-free shops.

With the brand entry at the beginning of 2020, Security and Safety Things will offer its solutions worldwide. The IoT ecosystem consists of an open operating system that serves as the common basis for all components: Firstly, a developer portal with tools for developing and testing and a community area for help and inspiration. Secondly, an app store with ready-to-use apps that can be flexibly combined. And last, but not least a portal for integrators that enable remote device management. These components make it possible to establish completely new solutions and implement them in innovative use cases.

In the future, Security and Safety Things wants to attract further investors and accelerate the expansion of its global ecosystem through external partners.


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