Real-time functionality gives total control

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In an instant, upgrading to real-time control boosts the intelligence of an access system, relaying live event reports and enabling users to change the security status of any door or user at any time.

Real-time access control with wireless online locking provides options that do not exist with offline systems. With real-time functionality, facility managers get audit trails and change access rights for any door, user or credential instantly. You can lock or unlock any door remotely from the central admin software — which means no walking to the door in person and no delays when you need to take action at short notice.

In schools, real-time wireless online access control enables security managers to remotely lock and open doors in any emergency, or whenever they choose. In hospitals equipped with real-time access control, staff see immediately who had access to drug stores or valuable equipment. Many more building types already benefit from real-time access control.

Real-time access control relies on a network of communications hubs. These operate as a bridge between admin system software and access control door devices. In a Smartair Pro Wireless Online system, one communications hub links up to 30 wireless locking devices to the central system. Information is exchanged via an existing or new TCP/IP network, protected with AES-128 and SSL encryption. Users can pass updates or read the event logs of any battery-powered Smartair escutcheon, knob cylinder, lock or wall reader anytime as selected.

With real-time access control from Smartair, users can view the status of every door in the building at a glance. Alerts are monitored in real-time, so any attempted unauthorised access can be tracked and prevented before it even happens. A real-time Smartair system alerts a facility manager in cases of intrusion, doors left open, low battery status, denied access or attempted use of any cancelled card or mobile credential.

To amend door or time validity of any user credential takes a couple of clicks in Smartair admin software which users can access anytime and from anywhere.

Plus Smartair allows for the option to combine wireless online and offline doors in the same system. This can be fine-tuned where real-time access control is deployed in different areas of the premises.


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