OT Systems micro sized media converters

Hong Kong, China

OT Systems is introducing what is thought to be the smallest hardened grade gigabit media converters, featuring ultra compact size, supporting rack-mount, matching with different fiber link, and excellent in harsh environment.

The hardened grade gigabit media converters, ET1111H and ET1212H series, are designed to offer customers the flexibility of connecting IP devices with different types of fibre link (single-mode/multi-mode, 1/2 core) to extend the transmission distance up to 20Km. The rugged aluminium alloy housing and the circuit design enable them to work well in any critical environment.

The sleek micro sized cases are the ideal solutions for easy installation within most camera housings. They can be installed in a 19” rack (MR-C10) to provide a clean and tidy solution for multiple fibre links in limited space.


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