High level support to prevent camera system overload

Taipei, Taiwan

Facing the challenges of high resolution deployment, Nexcom is introducing the NVIS 1482. It is equipped with an Intel SoC Elkhart Lake processor, taking a huge leap forward in terms of its graphics capabilities with Intel UHD Graphics.

These specifications give the NVIS 1482 the ability to drive a maximum resolution of 4KP60 on visual displays, giving admin monitors an effectively clear and sharp resolution display in real time.

As the pressure on the system increases for more and more camera display in more than 8 channels while utilising the Upper era Intel SoC Apollo Lake (offering 1080P 2M 5ch real time display at 30fps benchmark by Milestone Xprotect), then the frame rate lowers from 30fps to 15~20fps; or the display resolution could be reduced from 1080P to 720P. However, this brings on an additional challenge, because video playback, application processing and/or the system itself, may not run as smoothly with the CPU usage at levels of over 90%.

Although 4K and high resolution cameras were not as popular before when compared to today, it was in deed more than sufficient to replace the desktop NVR market. However, current high definition cameras, for instance, speed domes, fisheye cameras, 4k bullets and dual cameras have been significantly improved. In turn, according to Nexcom, this may cause potential problems and challenges for the Intel SoC Apollo Lake due to insufficient specification in supporting the gradual improvement growth of high definition cameras.

Embracing this new challenge for vast camera support, Nexcom’s NVIS 1482, is equipped with Intel Celeron J6412, and Quad Core 2.0GHz on-die integrated processor GEN11 –LP GT1 graphic architecture and offers outstanding 3D rendering and media performance, increasing decode ability to camera streaming. 

With an advanced Nanomanufacturing process and the combination of Intel’s new generation processor, Intel Elkhart lake Intel Celeron J6412 coupled with Quad Core 2.0GHz CPU and 11th Gen Intel UHD Graphic with robust display controller, The NVIS 1482 enables high level image decoding, and offers to deliver world-class performance.

In addition, for users, Nexcom says that replacement and upgrade to this new device can be achieved at an economic price point. All of the above features support Intel Elkhart Lake in creating high-definition display surveillance recording products that are essential for a wide variety of surveillance applications.


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