New non-contact access control and attendance solution

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire (UK)

The solution offers non-contact authentication and a set of anti-spoof counter measures are also included.

The iT100 Iristime, is Aditech’s newest non-contact biometric offering that features both iris and facial recognition technology.

Automatic recognition of iris and/or face is possible and a large capture volume allows for increased flexibility, speed and convenience.

Iristime offers enhanced security through Secure Boot and an open Android Platform provides an opportunity for third party application development.

The Aditech Iristime time and attendance also uses an iris/face fusion feature which means the system can be operated in iris only / face only / and, or, fusion mode.  Options can be selected and used depending on the requirements for the specific biometric security environment.

Simultaneous biometric capture automatically captures dual iris and face at the same distance, and a proven set of anti-spoof counter measures are also included.

The solution offers non-contact authentication as the system automatically captures faces and iris naturally at a distance of up to 24 inches or 60 cm.

The 7inch multi touch display offers easy on device setting and user enrollment via a self-guidance feature with live images on the multi touch LCD screen.


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