Motorola expands cyber security services offering

Chicago, Il (USA)

Motorola Solutions has expanded its cyber security services to help public safety and enterprises continuously secure their mission-critical operations. Today, cyber security breaches are occurring at a rate and level never before seen. Motorola Solutions’ expanded cyber security services help public safety and enterprise customers better defend their information networks, employees and assets against today’s threats.

“Securing our products, software and customer networks to deliver public safety systems that are resilient to cyber attacks has always been a priority,” said Scott Kaine, vice president of Cybersecurity Services. “As we’ve seen, though, especially this year during the Covid-19 pandemic, many organisations are being forced to accelerate their digital transformation while simultaneously dealing with a dramatic increase in cybercrime, including ransomware attacks on cities, states and public agencies. With the additional services we’re adding to our portfolio, customers can be better protected against threats that may enable cybercriminals to get into devices and systems and access what have been traditionally closed networks.”

Motorola Solutions’ cyber security services portfolio, which aligns with the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) cyber security framework, includes:

Managed security services — Security monitoring, incident management and reporting, patching and advanced threat detection and response to protect endpoints, networks and cloud applications and infrastructure.

Advisory services — NIST-aligned risk assessments and consulting, penetration testing, governance and compliance.

System recovery services — Business continuity and incident response planning, system recovery and post-incident analysis.

Cyber security training — Training and certifications for cloud security, incident response management and risk management.

According to a recent article in Cybercrime magazine, cyber crime will cost the global economy an estimated $6 trillion by 2021, driven by complex IT environments, a limited pool of cyber security professionals and the ever-growing arsenal of tools and opportunities for cybercriminals, creating a perfect storm for organisations around the world. According to another recent study cited by Motorola, 56 percent of IT security professionals surveyed said their organisations were at risk due to cybersecurity staff shortages. Motorola Solutions’ expanded cyber security services include a 24/7 security operations centre (SOC) staffed by a dedicated team of experts who proactively monitor cyber security events around the clock, helping organisations to detect and respond to threats faster and bridge the cyber security talent gap.

“At Motorola Solutions, we believe safety is the foundation of everything,” added Kaine. “Through strategic investments in new acquisitions and our ongoing commitment to product innovation, we’re sending a clear message to the market and our customers that we’re serious about cyber security.”

Recent acquisitions include Delta Risk, a leading consulting and managed security services provider (MSSP), and Lunarline, a professional services firm with deep expertise in training, FedRAMP and Third-Party Assessments.


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