Maxxess to launch next generation security service at Intersec

Dubai, U.A.E

Maxxess is launching a smartphone-based security service called emobile. A demonstration of this innovative 'next generation' security service is be available to visitors on the Maxxess stand at the Intersec 2011 show in Dubai this week.
“emobile provides a very exciting opportunity for organisations to dramatically improve the effectiveness of how they communicate with their mobile workforce,” said Lee Copland, Managing Director of Maxxess Systems EMEA. “Visitors to Intersec will be amongst the first to see the major contribution eMobile can make ensuring that critical messages are simultaneously transmitted to an entire workforce and that any responses or requests for support are tracked.”

The new smartphone critical messaging service, which has been integrated into the Maxxess efusion security management software platform, is designed to enhance an organisation’s existing communication infrastructure by providing simultaneous connectivity to an entire mobile workforce. Emergency information, crisis management instructions, general company news and product updates can all be communicated through organisation defined screens.

Initially emobile will be offered on Blackberry phones but ultimately it will also be available with Android, iOS and Windows based smartphones.

The Maxxess efusion system will offer two types of messaging services. Firstly, Priority Messaging which empowers an organisation to communicate important information simultaneously to its entire mobile workforce. It also provides the means for individual mobile workers to directly connect to a specific department to request support by using easy to complete forms. And secondly, Duress Messaging provides peace of mind for lone workers who can access the ‘Duress’ features of emobile if they feel threatened or if they encounter any other problem as they go about their work. When the ‘Monitor Me’ feature is activated, eMobile ensures that geolocating GPS signals are sent at regular intervals to a control room. If attacked or injured, users can activate the emobile ‘Help’ feature to summon immediate assistance by pressing a pre-programmed key on the smartphone.

“The integration of the emobile service into the efusion platform significantly adds to an organisation’s ability to respond effectively to what could be a mission critical incident,” continued Lee Copland. “By interacting, for example, with the efusion Viewpoint CCTV module, emobile could ensure that live video of a developing incident is automatically displayed on a control room monitor.” he concluded.

The emobile service also provides the facility to carry out surveys and analyse the results in real time. It may be, for example, that an organisation will wish to check who might be available for overtime work on a specific day or it wants to equip its mobile workforce with an easy way of providing feedback on a new product or service.

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