Lares 4.0 presents versatile scalable solution

Ripatransone, Italy

Image credit: Ksenia

The Lares 4.0 control panel from Ksenia offers many advantages presenting installers with the flexibility to create professional, easily programmable, and customisable systems according to the customer requirements

This innovative control panel allows users to manage security, video verification, smart home, and access control functions from a single platform.

Marketed in its five versions, in the six hybrids, wired and wireless variants (from 16, 40, 40 wls, 140 wls, 644 wls), and an all-in-one version with the Lares 4.0 wls 96, a solution designed for extreme flexibility and suitability for different applications, from residential to commercial and industrial contexts, including sensitive environments such as banks, museums and government institutions that require maximum security. In addition, it is scalable over time, allowing integrators to easily adapt the system to the new customers’ needs.

No specific software is required for programming the system, and Lares 4.0 can be configured remotely through the intuitive Ksenia Secureweb cloud platform or via a smartphone thanks to the Ksenia Pro App, which allows to centralise and geolocate all the installations, thus offering maximum assistance to the end customer.

An additional distinctive feature offering further versatility is its ability to integrate with major brands in the automation, surveillance and access sectors such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Creston, Control4, Milestone, Avigilon and Dormakaba. In addition, it can integrate with third-party IP devices thanks to the “porta IoT”, the http gateway of Ksenia Security that allows direct communication between the devices and the control panel, without necessarily using SDK, thanks to the use of http strings.

Other innovative features

Lares 4.0 has been designed to make the installers’ work easier by offering a series of features that Ksenia believes hasrevolutionised the way systems are configured, including:

  • Each lares 4.0 control panel is equipped with the same number of inputs and outputs, to manage lights, climate, irrigation, roller shutters and any other type of automation. As a flexible and scalable system, the number of inputs and outputs can be expanded up to a maximum of 644 for large environments, such as large industries and warehouses.
  • Ksenia Security also stakes the claim to being the first company to have successfully implemented IP zone functionality within Lares 4.0. By configuring IP zones with a compatible IP camera, it is possible to use a single device to detect the movement of an intruder, activate the alarm and access the associated screenshots from the Lares 4.0 user App. This implementation is not limited to the association of cameras but allows the integration of any device capable of sending an http request to the system.
  • KS-BUS interface: All the panels have a KS-BUS interface for connecting Ksenia peripherals, which allow to expand the capabilities and functionalities of the control panel.
  • Unlimited Memory and Automatic Backup
  • Power control - Lares 4.0 monitors both the external supply voltage and the battery voltage, reporting any faults. In case of prolonged power failures, it has a battery disconnection function to prevent deep discharge.
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Remote firmware updates
  • Voice messages - all descriptions and events can be converted into automatically generated audio files thanks to the Loquendo license.

In conclusion, Lares 4.0 is designed for the installer, with its many advantages and flexible array of features. The possibility of expanding the system over the years, its innate versatility, and the possibility of integrating with other systems allows installers to create a professional system that fully meets the needs of the user.


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