Hanwha set to add radiometrics to thermal cameras

Chertsey, Surrey (UK)

The new cameras will be all able to detect if the air temperature is higher or lower than set parameters.

Hanwha Techwin Europe has announced its intention to strengthen the Wisenet T Thermal camera range with the introduction in the near future of three new radiometric thermal models, each of which have a temperature measurement feature.

The Wisenet TNO-4030TR, TNO-4040TR and TNO-4041TR will be all able to accurately detect if the air temperature is higher or lower than set parameters, e.g. above or below 40°C. They have been designed to help monitor areas which are vulnerable to fires, such as oil and chemical facilities, construction sites and forests, as well as recycling and waste management centres which can experience spontaneous combustion. The cameras are also ideal for monitoring poultry and livestock farms in order to detect temperature changes which could foster disease.

The TNO-4030TR is equipped with a 13mm lens and has a maximum range of 1,173m for vehicle detection, whilst the TNO-4041TR, which is designed to be mounted onto a PTZ unit, and the TNO-4040TR, have a 19mm lens and a maximum range of 1,714m.


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