Genetec simplifies unification whilst enhancing security

Montreal, Canada

Later this month Genetec Inc. will present innovative technology that simplifies the path to unification. As organisations continue to seek systems that streamline their security and operations, Genetec will highlight unified solutions that are easy to deploy, use, and maintain.

At the GSX show taking place in Dallas, Texas in the US, attendees will be able to see the following Genetec solutions:

Genetec Web App

The recently-announced Genetec web app enables users to easily monitor their security system from anywhere and quickly respond to incidents. This lightweight interface can be deployed on any device with a web browser so operators can proactively prepare for various situations, react to changing conditions, and implement standardised responses.


The latest version of Genetec SIP-based Sipelia Communications Management system is now integrated within the Genetec Mobile app. The update offers performance enhancements and allows users to make and receive SIP calls using a smartphone or tablet. Operators can easily communicate with their team, staff, and customers from any location.

Axis Powered by Genetec

Axis Powered by Genetec is the industry’s first enterprise-level access control offering that combines Genetec Synergis access control software with the Axis A1610 and A1210 hardware and software in one unit. The easy-to-deploy, easy-to-maintain solution is designed to remove the friction typically associated with traditional software/hardware integrations and brings built-in cyber security features at both the hardware and software level.

Autovu Cloudrunner

GSX visitors will also see Autovu Cloudrunner, the company's vehicle-centric investigation system that allows teams to solve crimes quickly by gathering real-time information in all conditions. It combines an intuitive, cloud-based system with purpose-built, solar-powered cameras for an easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain solution.


The Streamvault line of ready-to-deploy security infrastructure will also be on display. Every Streamvault appliance is pre-validated to enhance cybersecurity and pre-loaded with our unified platform to ensure each security system operates at its full potential.

Ready to launch

Attendees will be able to complete their booth visit with insight into Security Center 5.12 and exciting new features on the horizon. The latest version of this unified platform is set to launche this autumn.


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