Evolis Tattoo2 printer with new features

Angers, France

Evolis announces new features for Tattoo2, its entry-level color printer, ideal for instantly personalizing cards, singly or in small runs.

Tattoo2, Evolis' entry-level printer for personalizing badges and plastic cards with text, pictures, logos
and barcodes, is now available with new printing and encoding features: direct transfer onto thermosensitive cards, printing on paper tickets, ISO-compliant magnetic encoding, and RFID encoding. These new features position Tattoo2 as a sound entry-level printer for use in applications such as loyalty cards, ticketing, or access control. Tattoo2 also carries an optional Ethernet port for
networking it when required, for example, in distributed deployment.

Furthermore, Evolis increases its standard warranty to two years for the Tattoo2 color printer. This warranty covers all components of the printer and includes an unlimited number of printouts. The multiple quality control implemented throughout the manufacturing process, and the expertise earned during the past years, have helped Evolis confidently commit to quality for both channel partners and end-users.

Tattoo2 is offered at a price point of 1 090 euros (down by 15%) for the stand-alone printer. Tattoo2 is also available in a bundled package where the printer is shipped along with eMedia Card Designer, an off-the-shelf and user-friendly software for designing and printing badges from any Microsoft Office application, and with related consumables (100 blank cards and 1 ribbon). This
premium package is available at a public price of 1 190 euros.

With eMedia Card Designer, users can simply and quickly design the layout for any badge by mixing
and matching text, pictures, logos and barcodes. The software can also be linked to an Excel
worksheet to streamline the printing and delivery of multiple badges.

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