Eagle Eye launches Video API platform version 3

Austin, Tx (USA)

Eagle Eye has launched Version 3 of the Eagle Eye Video API Platform Image courtesy of Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye Networks, a global leader in cloud video surveillance, has launched V3 of the Eagle Eye Video API Platform, which is used by Eagle Eye developers, resellers, and technology partners worldwide. The new API is comprehensive, built for faster implementation of video applications by developers, and builds upon the API foundation of V1 and V2.

With the launch of API V3, Eagle Eye continues its platform investment for developers to easily create applications leveraging and integrating cloud video surveillance.

“Over the past 11 years, we have learned many lessons about what is needed in a cloud platform for broad video surveillance applications, AI, and operating at scale,” said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “We have incorporated developer feedback, developer requests, integration needs, and large customer requirements to make V3 of our API that delivers even more.”

Eagle Eye will continue to support its V1 and V2 APIs for the foreseeable future, but recommends all new development be done on API V3.

Used by thousands of enterprise organisations across the globe, the Video API Platform and mobile and web software development kits (SDKs) bring cloud video surveillance and AI capabilities to developers for faster development and integration with video surveillance. The API allows resellers and business owners to build custom solutions. Some examples include:

● Hotel management applications integrating video surveillance for accessibility and business management.

● Entrepreneurs developing applications and launching their business on the Eagle Eye Video API Platform speeding their time to market.

● AI experts integrating their AI analysis for customers to obtain their AI expertise.

● Central station software directly taking video feeds and AI from the Eagle Eye Video API Platform.

Some key benefits of the Eagle Eye Video API Platform include:

● Secure OAuth-based cloud authentication to 8,000+ IP camera models with just a few lines of code, including Axis, Bosch, Hanwha, Mobotix, Ipro, Vivotek cameras

● Cloud-based AI and video analytics with a simple API call

● RTSP support for recorded and live video

● Easy media integration (HLS, RTSP, MP4)

● 2-Way Audio for bi-directional voice communications

● SDKs for faster integrations on Web, Android, iOS

● Accelerated time-to-market for integrated solutions

● Modern Restful API

Technology partners say the V3 Video API Platform offers benefits beyond technical ease of use.

“Eagle Eye’s newest Video API Platform is feature-rich and developer friendly, which streamlines even complex integrations, allowing us to bring groundbreaking new capabilities to market in record time,” said Chris Brown, CEO of Immix, a provider of central station and security platform software. “The platform also improves our ability to serve our customers and expedite the onboarding process for their customers, most notably end users with very large camera counts.”

Eagle Eye is exhibiting products and discussing initiatives that demonstrate the power of AI + Cloud for 2023 and beyond for security practitioners, resellers, and tech partners at the GSX show taking place this week from September the 11th - 13th in Dallas, Texas.


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