Cliq upgrade boosts security and user convenience

London, UK

A new upgrade in the programming device Cliq family simultaneously enhances security and convenience. Image courtesy of Assa Abloy

The Cliq intelligent key-based access management system from Assa Abloy allows users to flexibly manage access, and to secure almost any opening with electronic cylinders or padlocks and programmable smart keys. Now, a new upgrade in the programming device family simultaneously enhances this security and convenience.

Requiring regular credential updates is one of the simplest, most effective methods for keeping premises secure. Assa Abloy’s new Cliq Wall Programming Device (PD) helps to update keys’ access rights faster without involving the system administrator. This cuts the risk of unauthorised keys circulating.

Cliq is built around precision-engineered locking cylinders and high-end microelectronics. A standard battery, lasting approximately 10 years with typical use, inside each programmable smart key powers the cylinder or padlock — and encrypts data transfer between lock, key and system. Robust, durable Cliq cylinder locks secure lifts, machines, mailboxes, cabinets and more with the same control as sensitive doors. A range of programming devices transfer and update access rights for keys.

Enhanced security inside and outside

The Cliq Wall PD, available as indoor and outdoor variant, has now been redesigned to make this updating process faster and easier than ever.

“Facility managers can have the peace of mind that every user key in circulation is easy to load with the latest approved access rights and validity,” explains Stephan Schulz, Cliq Product Manager at Assa Abloy Opening Solutions EMEIA. “The Wall PD can also collect audit trails directly from keys.”

The upgraded Cliq Wall PD protects users against mis-steps, confusion or false positives during key programming: Intuitive LED lighting instantly confirms when their key is updated in both the indoor and outdoor product variants. The Cliq Outdoor Wall PD is the ideal solution for demanding environments as it is protected against weather and vandalism.

With the new Cliq Wall PDs, keyholders and facility managers do not need to worry about data privacy. Enhanced encryption via Ethernet ensures every issued Cliq key is protected with robust security. The upgraded device now supports the 802.1x protocol for enhanced security.

And with rapid installation — using the existing wiring and backplate — it is simple to switch existing wall programmers for new devices to keep a site and staff safer. Total compatibility with existing and future Cliq keys ensures that replacing old programmers with the new Cliq Wall PD is hassle-free and future-proof.


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