Cliq Go offers new opportunities for locksmiths

London, UK

The Cliq Go app manages an entire locking system

The Cliq Go key-operated wireless access control system is built to make security easier for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It also offers a new way for locksmiths and SMB managers to work together for mutual benefit.

An SMB may not be able to budget probably for a security department or a dedicated facilities manager. Yet  key management hassles are no different to those faced by a multinational.

Cliq Go helps the management of locks and access from the palm of your hand — on the move, on the road, and from anywhere in the world. Cliq Go is an access control system designed for SMBs, based on wireless locking cylinders and padlocks and programmable, battery-powered keys. After time- and cost-efficient, wire-free installation, a business director or admin assistant can manage their locks electronically from a smartphone, PC or tablet.

Cliq cylinders, padlocks and keys fit most standard types of interior and exterior opening. A Cliq lock’s is powered by a battery inside every programmable key, so it works without mains power.

The Cliq Go app manages an entire locking system. With a few taps and swipes of a screen the user can issue, revoke or amend the access permissions of any lock or key-holder. If a new employee needs front door or server room access, the user makes the permissions changes and sends the amended rights to the system, even if they are away from the office.

If someone loses their Cliq key, it can be immediately black listed and any other user key can be ordered to carry out system programming at the cylinder. With Cliq Go, the phone becomes the security team for a powerful access system.

For even more efficient, hands-off system management SMBs can partner with a trusted locksmith. Locksmiths looking to future-proof their expertise, Cliq Go is a smart way to support SMB clients. To keep setup simple, there’s no software installation at the client end.

A single mechanical coding for all systems enables locksmiths to retain keys and cylinders in stock. The locksmith simply programmes and configures a new key for the SMB using the Cliq Express software. Partnering with SMB clients in this way offers resellers an additional revenue stream: issuing, programming and dispatching new keys on demand. Because the small business probably does not employ specialist staff, a locksmith becomes a trusted security partner.


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