Bosch adds new cameras to Inteox series

Grasbrunn, Germany

The new Flexidome and Dinion Inteox 7100i IR cameras from Bosch.

Bosch has expanded the Inteox open camera portfolio with the addition of two fixed cameras: The Flexidome and Dinion Inteox 7100i IR cameras. These AI-powered cameras are designed to bring a new level of efficiency to a variety of indoor and outdoor applications for city surveillance, airports, government, and traffic. 

In partnership with video management solutions provider Milestone Systems, Bosch offers full integration into the Milestone Xprotect suite of security solutions to meet the most advanced safety and security requirements of many applications.

Performance for a variety of applications

The new fixed Inteox cameras offer a menu of video analytics, 4K resolution, built-in infrared illumination, and durable housing to perform in rugged environments to meet varying customer requirements around the clock. With Camera Trainer, a machine learning software embedded in all Inteox cameras, system integrators can tailor Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) to detect objects and situations that matter most to their customers. For example, operators can teach the camera to recognize if a barrier on a parking lot or at a railway crossing is open or closed. Another example is teaching cameras to detect and subsequently blur ATM or card payment terminals to protect customers' privacy. To quickly respond to changing or varying customer requirements system integrators can add third-party software apps to Inteox cameras via the Azena Application Store. The cameras also offer advanced configuration and continuous health monitoring from anywhere via the Bosch Remote Portal, a cloud-based service offering for device management.

Deep learning for next-generation solutions

The Flexidome and Dinion Inteox 7100i IR object classification (OC) models command the necessary computation power to enable deep neural network-based video analytics, like Traffic Detector. The pre-trained AI detector, available out of the box helps system integrators to meet the strict requirements of traffic applications. It tackles more complex tasks like accurately classifying vehicles at crowded intersections, roadways, and tunnels. Traffic Detector can detect and count cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, and people. Combined with IVA, Traffic Detector data is augmented with object speed, GPS location, and colour.

Partnership with Milestone Systems

System integrators and users further benefit from Bosch’s ongoing partnership with Milestone Systems, a leading provider of open platform video management software. Inteox cameras can leverage Milestone’s powerful video management solutions and add user-defined functionality to meet the most advanced surveillance needs, including:

- Bosch Video Analytics natively integrated in Milestone Xprotect allows user to detect the things that matter most. It includes automated alerts for line-crossing, object-in-field, or any of the other 16 alarm tasks captured by Xprotect.

- Bosch deep neural network-based video analytics, like Traffic Detector are natively integrated in Milestone Xprotect. These analytics use high-quality, real-life data from the field, which enables users to tackle more complex tasks faster, easier, and with greater accuracy.

- Bosch machine learning technology Camera Trainer natively integrated in Milestone Xprotect lets users define rules and alerts without the need for external plug-ins. Use cases include teaching the camera to recognise occupied and free parking spots and triggering alerts when all spots are occupied.

- Freely search Video Analytics metadata via Forensic Search plug-in via the Xprotect Smart Client with new, user-specific criteria. Whereas other applications only allow setting up search criteria as initial alarm criteria, Forensic Search lets users add new criteria at any time, providing complete flexibility in the search for evidence after an event.


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