Biometrics should offer tangible benefits in real-life situations

Dubai, U.A.E and Toronto, Canada

Invixium, a manufacturer of modern, IP-based biometric solutions, is showcasing several new enhancements to the company’s unique portfolio of biometric solutions for access control and workforce management applications at Intersec 2020.

Featured enhancements on display include the faster and more responsive IXM Web 2.1 biometrics software platform, new IXM Merge 2 biometric device with an optical sensor for enhanced durability, and certified fingerprint and finger vein scanners integration solutions from Integrated Biometrics and Hitachi respectively. Also featured is Invixium’s flagship Titan.

“It’s high time that the entire biometric industry starts to focus on tangible benefits and solving real-life problems for customers rather than purely focusing on technology and features. It is due to this approach that Invixium continues to experience global acceptance of our unique biometric solutions for new and emerging access control and workforce management applications,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO and President of Invixium.

“We are continuing this pursuit of excellence here at Intersec 2020 with the public unveiling of our latest biometric all-in-one software IXM WEB along with our world-class products. The Invixium team of biometric solutions experts will be ready and prepared to listen to the most demanding access control and workforce management needs and offer executable solutions to increase productivity and enhance the security of your enterprise or industry.”

Making its public debut at Intersec 2020, IXM Web 2.1 Biometric Software Platform is 6X faster and more responsive and includes support for OSDP 2.0, TLS 1.2 encryption to ensure data protection and privacy. Additional new features include drill-down functionality for dashboard reports, advanced filter options for targeted reporting, and full integration of the new IXM Merge 2 biometric device featuring an optical sensor for enhanced durability and construction via a solid metal backplate which acts as a heatsink for longer lasting operation.


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