Axis launches affordable 6MP outdoor-ready mini dome

Lund, Sweden

The recently launched Axis M3077-PLVE network camera is a compact, affordable mini dome designed to deliver sharp images and a 360° panoramic overview with no blind spots. It is suitable for a wide range of surveillance scenarios with both video and audio capture.

Featuring Axis Forensic WDR, this outdoor-ready camera captures high-quality images even when there is both dark and light areas in the scene.

It offers Axis Lightfinder for sharp, colour images in poor lighting conditions and Axis Optimized IR for surveillance in pitch darkness up to 20 m (65 Ft).

With two built-in microphones, it also allows for audio surveillance and detection. Additionally, it features digital PTZ functionality and it is possible to stream dewarped views such as panorama, quad, corner, and corridor views directly from the camera.

Key features include:

· Complete 180° and 360° overview

· Lightfinder, Forensic WDR, and Optimized IR

· Digital PTZ and dewarped views

· Built-in microphones

· Enhanced security features

With enhanced security functionality, it prevents unauthorised access and safeguards the system. Axis Edge Vault protects the camera’s Axis device ID and simplifies authorisation of Axis devices on the network.

Furthermore, Axis Zipstream with support for H.264 and H.265 offers significantly reduced bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality.


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