Axis cameras conform to newly released ONVIF Profile

Lund, Sweden

Just over a week after ONVIF launched its new Profile M, Axis Communications has announced that a selection of its cameras are now Profile M conformant, enabling standardised streaming of metadata and event sending from edge-based analytics applications in a best-of-breed multi-vendor surveillance system.

Conformance to Profile M enables easier integration of metadata and events with ONVIF Profile M conformant clients like video management software and services.

Profile M conformant clients on the market would be able to query, filter and receive metadata to trigger automatic responses and effectively store and search for video content of interest.

The initial list of Axis products with Profile M conformance supports the detection and classification of humans and vehicles from Axis Object Analytics. The list will expand in the future to a wider range of devices and support a variety of metadata from Axis analytics applications.

Profile M is the latest ONVIF profile that Axis products support. Other supported ONVIF profiles include Profiles A and C for access control devices, and Profiles G, S and T for video products.

The addition of Profile M makes it easier for system integrators and end users to use Axis products with other ONVIF conformant clients in a wide range of applications for security and safety, operational efficiency and smart building management.

The full details of the Axis conformant products including products which now conform to Profile M can be found on the official ONVIF listing.


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