Acti launches NVR 3 Business and discontinues NVR 3 Enterprise

Taipei, Taiwan

NVR 3 Business is the newest edition of Acti software NVR series. It follows the style and the structure of the previously released Corporate and Enterprise editions. The difference is in features and the scope of integration, as well as in pricing.

Its business value is to mostly target projects with a scale of 32-100 channels, in a single site, without requiring a CMS. It comes with 32 free channels enabled. In other words, if the project size is within 32 channels, and the cameras are from Acti, then the NVR is completely free.

Feature highlights

The NVR 3 Business offers improved value with the Corporate edition and when compared to NVR 3 Enterprise.  It offers a competitive pricing structure and supports 3rd party cameras in terms of system integration with the use of extra licenses.  The software version NVR performs as a workstation with full web client, lite web client, and mobile client (software) supported.

The NVR 3 Business comes with the same features as NVR 3 Enterprise, except for the differing number of supported channels and CMS support.


NVR 3 Business software can be downloaded from the Acti website directly. If no additional licenses are needed, then the software will be ready for use immediately after installation.

Having launched the highly anticipated NVR 3 Business edition, the company now offers the technology to cover all project segments together along with the NVR 3 Corporate edition. Therefore the NVR 3 Enterprise edition is no  longer necessary, and as a result, Acti is announcing the discontinuation of the NVR 3 Enterprise.


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