40x zoom speed dome for traffic applications

Taipei, Taiwan

Acti, a leading surveillance systems manufacturer, has introduced the brand new A956 speed some, a 2MP, 40x zoom speed dome camera offering extreme low light sensitivity.

The A956 speed dome has been designed as an effective solution for traffic applications, and due to its quality and performance, it is also suitable for any other application that requires the best possible low light capabilities and zoom.

With the 60fps frame rate capability, the camera is able to capture solid evidence of any potential incidents. It is also has the capability to capture the faces and vehicle images with the license plates, for example, from a  distance of over 300 metres (1000 feet).

The A956 also promises superior IR LED performance compared to all the other Acti speed domes in the range. Although, according to the company, its low light sensitivity is so good that it will often remain in colour mode even at night, there may still be some environments without any ambient light, and in such cases the powerful IR LED will be very helpful.


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