Vivotek creates safe educational environment in Indonesia

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The new surveillance system gave immediate benefits and saved on costs instead of installing multiple cameras for the same coverage.

Singapore School, Pantai Indah Kapuk (SIS-PIK), is a North Jakarta leading international school that has a passion for Indonesian cultural pride and identity, with a unique vision of combining the world’s best educational traditions.

The environment at SIS-PIK is designed to promote a love of knowledge, appreciation of disciplinary expertise, and the motivation to reach high academic and personal objectives. The school is split in to 5 divisions: Preschool & Primary using the Singapore curriculum, Secondary using the Cambridge curriculum, BTEC, Junior College with IB Diploma Programme, and lastly BTEC in JC. In order to provide a safe learning environment for both students and staff, SIS-PIK decided to upgrade their security system.

SIS-PIK had an existing analogue surveillance system, which no longer met their requirements, but they wanted to replace it with an IP camera system which can be easily monitored from a mobile phone and provided a constant protection for the school.

The school wanted to future proof their security by changing to an IP based system, a comprehensive unified security platform to manage and control all the security systems from a single intuitive interface was important. The surveillance system also needs to cover the school’s soccer field as well as a high ceiling lobby area, therefore they needed cameras that could cover these wide open locations.

Efficient solution

A total of 31 Vivotek cameras were deployed in SIS-PIK. 28 units of model IT9389-H were installed to cover the library, hallway corridors, and swimming pool. IT9389-H is equipped with a 5-megapixel sensor, and IP66 weather-proof, IK08 vandal-rated housing for outdoor applications. Featuring SNV and WDR Pro technology, it is capable of capturing high-quality imagery in both high contrast and low light conditions for improved visibility. With Smart Stream III enhanced encoding, IT9389-H maximizes bandwidth usage efficiency and lowers storage requirements while maintaining high image quality.

One model IB9367-H bullet camera was installed in the school’s parking area because of its SNV (Supreme Night Vision) capability. One unit MS9390-HV was installed at the soccer field. MS9390-HV is an 8-megapixel camera with 180° panoramic views, with smart motion detection to reduce false alarms from wind, shadows, and animals, creating a more comprehensive monitoring solution for this outdoor space.

In the high ceiling lobby area the school installed model FE9391-EV, a 12-megapixel fisheye camera with 360° views, also including Smart VCA analytics for intrusion detection, crowd detection, and loitering detection. These added features enable management to clearly see the flow of people at SIS-PIK’s main lobby area.

Other than the IB9367-H covering the parking area, all cameras were enabled with audio recording for quick incident check. In cases of student fights and quarrels, the school wanted to be able to have a clear understanding of what happened in those situations.

Immediate benefits

In terms of quality and ease of use, Vivotek solutions offered immediate benefits. The new surveillance system is not only user-friendly, allowing new users to get up to speed quickly, but also by using 180°/360° panoramic enterprise-level network cameras they saved on costs instead of installing multiple cameras for the same coverage.

The variety of Vivotek camera solutions were simple to operate, easy to maintain, and provided much improved visibility for the school. In addition, the network cameras were capable of connecting to mobile devices to monitor at any time and from anywhere. In the future, SIS-PIK will continue to use Vivotek on new upgrades for improved campus security.

Combination offers full coverage

Safety and security are one of the key priorities at Singapore School, Pantai Indah Kapuk (SIS-PIK).  The organisation partnered with Vivotek as one of the leading companies in surveillance security industry with years of experience; a wide range of enterprise-level network cameras; proven product stability; clear video from the Vivotek camera, and most importantly mobile application access.

"With the combination of Vivotek’s fisheye, multi sensor, bullet and dome camera we manage to get full coverage with a minimum number of cameras. Compared to other brands, it makes it easy to maintain and still get a very good video result." Said Guntur Wijaya, CTO of SIS-PIK.


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