Turkish port upgrades surveillance with AI powered video

Chertsey, Surrey (UK) and Yalova, Turkey

Yavola "roll-on-roll-off" border port in Turkey has enhanced its protection with the use of Hanwha Vision AI camera powered technology. Image courtesy of Hanwha Vision

The Yalova Ro-Ro Terminal team was looking for a way to intelligently monitor activities at the port and quickly search footage for investigations if needed. Because of the size of the port, an efficient way to store and deliver video footage back to the control room and server rooms was also sought. The team turned to installer Arte Teknoloji and Hanwha Vision to provide a robust and AI-enabled video surveillance solution.

Yalova Terminal is a roll-on roll-off (“ro-ro”) port, meaning it is designed to carry wheeled cargo. It is Turkey’s 63rd border gate, and began operations in 2017. It covers 80,000 square metres with a 500-trailer capacity and 16,000 square metres of storage, which includes an ADR warehouse for the storage of hazardous goods. On-site there are X-ray facilities, a laboratory for customs, offices, and break rooms for drivers. All of these facilities require continuous monitoring to protect staff, drivers, and the stock contained within the trailers at the port.

AI-enabled cameras

The solution comprises 48 PNO-A9081R cameras, 17 XNO-C7083R cameras and 7 XNP-6400RW cameras. With AI analytics carried out on the device, the cameras provide the on-site Yalova Ro-Ro Terminal security team with alerts only to events that require their attention. This frees them up to focus on other responsibilities, while the cameras constantly scan for relevant objects or possible incidents that require human input. Potential false alarms from video noise, waving trees, moving clouds and animals are ignored by the cameras, helping to reduce operator fatigue and frustration.

Effective perimeter protection

In particular, the XNP-6400RW PTZ Plus camera provides a feature-rich PTZ camera that is designed for perimeter protection. With AI-based object auto-tracking, operators can efficiently monitor the movement of objects while remaining hands-free to control other cameras. This analytics feature is supported by leading AI algorithms unique to Hanwha Vision. The camera captures evidence-grade images of objects up to a distance of 200 metres in all lighting conditions, with the help of adaptive IR technology which adjusts the angle of the camera’s IR LEDs to match the level of zoom.

Object detection and classification

The PNO-A9081R is a 4K bullet AI camera that can detect people, faces, vehicles, licence plates, plus their attributes. This allows operators to understand who, and what vehicles, are entering and exiting the site, particularly around the perimeter or rolling on and off ships docked at the port. They can quickly respond to possible intrusion or unusual behaviour, reducing the risk of stock, equipment, or vehicle theft. Object classification based on attributes can also support quick forensic search for future investigations.

The cameras also detect loitering, audio such as shouting or screaming, tampering with the camera itself, and shock detection. The Bestshot feature automatically chooses the best images of an object, helping with bandwidth and storage efficiency as well as delivering high-quality, detailed images back to the control room.

Eyup Tetik, Corporate Sales Manager at Entpa Elektronik A.Ş. explains, “It was important to the Yılport Ro-Ro team that they had a robust video system that improved situational awareness and response times especially after the devastating earthquake in Kahramanmaraş. As a busy international Ro-Ro Port with millions of dollars of stock and equipment, having the best security, that’s intuitive to use and easy to install, was essential.”

Steering ahead

The installation is part of the new port area and the security team looks forward to reaping the benefits of the efficiency gains, greater awareness, more detailed investigations and faster response times as a result of the AI-powered video system.


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