Tagmaster wins major rail management contract in Sydney

Stockholm, Sweden and Sydney, Australia

Tagmaster has signed an agreement for the implementation of automatic incident management systems for the Australian Sydney major infrastructure project Westconnex. The order, which has been won via Tagmaster's French subsidiary Citilog, includes around 150 sensors and is worth around 309,000 Euros.

Westconnex is a multi-phase major infrastructure project linking metropolitan Sydney with the airport, the port and western suburbs with a total road length of 33 kilometres. Tagmaster's subsidiary Citilog has previously delivered incident management systems to the project's previous phases - M4, M8 and stage 3A.

Tagmaster's data solutions and sensor products are developed with the aim of preventing traffic congestion, reduce emissions and increasing safety by streamlining existing and future traffic flows.

The current agreement concerns stage 3B which is a tunnel link between the M4 and M5 at Rozelle, which is a suburb in the inner west of Sydney. The project involves installing Tagmaster's incident management analytics module based on deep learning technology, which is a video-based system for automatic detection of traffic incidents.

”Safety is top priority in this type of tunnels. By installing our module, which aims to detect traffic incidents and accidents in real time, but also to collect traffic data, both safety and efficiency in the use of the tunnels can be optimised,” said Jonas Svensson, CEO, Tagmaster.

The video analysis provided by Tagmaster's incident management system plus other traffic information is reported in real time to Westconnex's comprehensive traffic control system, which is Australia's most advanced highway control centre, for optimal traffic management.


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