Tagmaster appoints new sales director for UK and France

Stockholm, Sweden

Tagmaster is strengthening its organisation by hiring Jean-Christophe Vangenot as Vice President Sales for the Infomobility application area. Vangenot will lead sales operations within the application area in France and England, and report to the CEO.

The Tagmaster group is in an expansion phase, both organically and through acquisitions. ”In this context, it is important that we have presence and deep understanding of the various markets in which we operate, both geographically and in terms of the different applications of our technology. This is where Jean-Christophe comes in to sharpen the strategy and work methods for achieving as much success as possible in each respective market,” said Jonas Svensson, CEO, Tagmaster.

Infomobility is one of three application areas within Tagmaster's solution area Traffic Solutions. The area has rapid growth, and the sensor-based solutions aim to collect and distribute information related to different traffic situations and traffic conditions, as well as provide analyses based on collected information. For example, this could involve vehicle classification and counting, travel time information systems, detection of cyclists and pedestrians, and weather detection systems. The systems are primarily used for planning to optimise traffic flows.

Jean-Christophe Vangenot has worked in product management and sales within Infomobility for the past 20 years, and has a deep understanding of the market. He currently resides in France but has worked in England for 15 years. Vangenot most recently held a position as manager for the French Infomobility company Sterela.

With his experience, Jean-Christophe Vangenot adds new dimensions to Tagmaster's work aimed at continuous improvement of sales efforts. He will work with the sales and project teams in France and the UK, focusing on areas such as increased sales, improved sales planning, increased sales efficiency, sharing of processes, and fine-tuning of KPI reporting.

“It's important for us as a growing company to have the right competence and capacity now and in the future. It's a strong signal that we can attract competent and accomplished individuals like Jean-Christophe Vangenot to our fast-growing company group," said Jonas Svensson.


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