Suprema showcases AI-based security at Intersec

Dubai, U.A.E and Seoul, Korea

The Suprema team recently attended the Intersec show where the company was demonstrating its expertise in AI and biometric technologies. Image courtesy of Suprema

Last week, Suprema took part in the Intersec global security exhibition held in Dubai, showcasing its AI-based security solutions, including the Biostar 2 security platform and the newly introduced Biostar2 multi-communication server (MCS).

The  Biostar2 MCS enables multiple server architecture to support large device installs to extend the target market from small offices to large corporate buildings. Furthermore, through integration with surveillance systems, Biostar 2 now allows the real-time video monitoring. Suprema also emphasised the flexibility of the architecture, highlighting the ease of integrating third-party solutions and the ability to provide services tailored to customer needs.

Drawing on its expertise and technical experience in biometric authentication and AI security solutions, Suprema continues to introduce innovative AI solutions. Last year, Suprema launched Biostation 2a, the world’s first deep learning AI-based fingerprint recognition access control solution. Building on this innovation, Suprema has now unveiled a teaser for the upcoming facial authentication solution, part of the third-generation AI product lineup for the second half of this year.

Recognising the increasing global adoption of cloud technology for its flexibility and scalability, Suprema also showcased Clue, a cloud-based access authentication service that simply integrate Suprema readers to 3rd party cloud platforms, to the global market at this event. The Clue service, engineered for its easy-to-manage and easy-to-install features, has gained traction among customers in the Korean and Japanese markets. It is widely utilised for membership and visitor management, especially among Prop Tech facilities such as shared offices, fitness centres, and unmanned stores. Building on this successful deployment, Suprema aims to expand its business, targeting global customers with the Clue service.

“The Middle East market is in the spotlight worldwide, and Suprema has firmly positioned itself as a key player with robust brand reputation and a strong partner network in the region. Serving diverse clients, including banks, government agencies, hospitals, and schools, Suprema strives to reinforce its position in the market as a leading provider of cutting-edge AI security solutions.” said Suprema Inc. CEO Hanchul Kim. “Additionally by emphasising the scalability and flexibility of Biostar 2 which can support businesses of all sizes, Suprema will expand further in the Middle East market.”


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