RTS mobile emergency response helps police improve efficiencies

Taipei, Taiwan

Nowadays, with ever-changing technologies and the upcoming era of big data, the police are applying the latest innovative technologies to help with law enforcement. In response to the trend and the growing requirements, the RTS F01(4G body worn camera) can be considered as a total solution to advance police equipment and enhance their work efficiency.

In comparison with other similar devices on the market, the major difference with the RTS-F01,  is that it has been designed to provide a complete system which includes the RTS-F01 camera, the Icommander platform (server) and the Icommander App. Moreover, in addition to the wifi connection, the RTS-F01 supports 4G communication; the system can adapt a 4G SIM card to transfer the data from HD images, accomplish many-to-many communication, positioning and SOS multi-lifesaving alarms to commanders and police crew in real-time; the seamless instant communication between the commanders and the police crew on the front line will largely improve reaction time and work efficiency, as well as improve safety in the field.

The RTS-F01 has been designed with the S5 main compressing chipset embedded; the chipset is offered by Ambarella, a world-renowned brand from America. As such it is one of the most effective compression ratio chips in the world, and it allows the RTS-F01 to transmit high-quality images at an almost incomparable speed over limited bandwidth.

Additionally, the RTS-F01 employs AI technology that supports accurate number plate identification. Once a stolen car or a wanted suspect has been detected by the camera, the police officers wearing the F01 BWC can take the appropriate action, for example, to either arrest the criminal right away or to collect the license plate information from the suspect for future proceedings.

By adapting the latest law enforcement technology, the goal is to make up for the shortage of personnel, and of course accident prevention, as well to build a safer and smarter city. The hardware, software, cloud server and user interface in the RT Stream (RTS) Mobile Emergency Response System are all 100% designed and developed in Taiwan to maintain consistent quality control.


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